TG 17 – New HRT effects causing animosity towards my Ex-Wife

Good morning,

I am noticing some uncharacteristic emotions and I think that it is caused by my HRT. I am noticing animosity towards my Ex-Wife that was never there before. I am working on controlling it and am pretty successful at it however some new levels are emerging. I will try to not go into many details as I sincerely and truly wish not to hurt her.

I do sincerely wish my Ex-wife the best. I wish her happiness and I wish her love and that she finds the one that makes her happy.

However I am thinking, “How dare you hit me and cheat on me. How dare you throw us away and not be honest!” And so much more. As well as thinking, “I drove in a tornado and the car was blown 10 ft in high winds to bring you food while you were working an all nighter. I redid my work schedule so you can sleep while I drive you 2 hours for class one way.” 

Part of me will always love her. I can’t help but think of the time I took her in without notice to my parents when she got kicked out by her family when I pass the street her she grew up on.

I never wished her ill will and always want the best for her. Yet, my emotions are running high and I am dwelling on the past in ways I never did before.

Damn you hormones! I will endure this. It will lesson as my body settles and I must not find a coping skill for this.

Thank you for your time.



About CutlassCait

I'm Caitlin and I'm a lesbian geekette who is a woman who happens to have been transgender. This is my blog that will cover my BDSM journey, my transition to realizing my inner self and as well as general thoughts on everyday life.
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